Where do I ....eat? shop? go?
Are you a business in the Clearwater Area looking for more customers? 
Free Rides does more than drive people from place to place.  We advertise and promote local businesses.  We have partnered with the best of Clearwater Beach.
Vacationers spend as much money on food and alcohol as they do on lodging,
but if they do not know about you, you are missing revenue.

There are 3 ways to promote your business with Free Rides

1. Digital Coupon Distribution.  We give all riders a Free Rides Reusable Bag with digital coupons on our app. A digital coupon is with the customer at all times, so when deciding where to go, your coupon is an incentive for them to choose you.  We offer a Reusable Bag as part of our partnership with Ocean Allies.

2. Mobile Billboard and Concierge. Our advertisers get the benefit of a moving billboard so tourists and locals are reminded of your great business day and night .  We act as a live Beach Guide providing riders with information on where to go and what to do. Our drivers are local who can promote your business. A unique and highly cost effective way to get your brand in front of the guests that come to the Gulf beaches.

3. Social Media. We have over 3,000 followers.  Our followers are mostly locals who use us frequently.  We can promote your business, events, and specials on our Facebook page to bring you more customers.

With over 8 years in business we have established ourselves as a regular part of Clearwater Beach.  Everyone knows us which means they will know you too!

happy riders
Our riders love us which means they will love you too!
impressions per month
That's a lot of eyeballs.
Lives saved
Thousands of drunk drivers off the road
Be a part of something bigger 
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